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More than a dozen studies have linked other antidepressants ssris, such as prozac, zoloft, celexa, and lexapro to an increased risk of birth defects.

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ZOLOFT was shown to be statistically significantly more effective than placebo as measured by the BSPS total score and fearavoidance and physiologic factor scoresas well as the FQ-SPS total scoreand to have statistically significantly more responders than placebo as defined by the CGI-ISubgroup analyses did not suggest differences in treatment outcome on the basis of genderThere was insufficient information to determine the effect of race or age on outcome.

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Inform patients not to take disulfiram when taking ZOLOFT oral solutionConcomitant use is contraindicated due the alcohol content of the oral solutionsee CONTRAINDICATIONS

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if concomitant use of zoloft with other serotonergic drugs is clinically warranted, inform patients of the increased risk for serotonin syndrome and monitor for symptoms.

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