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Most studies indicate that you will be likely to gain weight on both short-term and long-term treatment with remeron.

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Mirtazapine may cause a condition that affects the heart rhythmQT prolongationQT prolongation can rarely cause seriousrarely fatalfast/irregular heartbeat and other symptomssuch as severe dizzinessfaintingthat need medical attention right away.

It is important to emphasize thatalthough the events reported occurred during treatment with REMERONthey were not necessarily caused by it.

In some casesa patient already receiving therapy with REMERON may require urgent treatment with linezolid or intravenous methylene blueIf acceptable alternatives to linezolid or intravenous methylene blue treatment are not available and the potential benefits of linezolid or intravenous methylene blue treatment are judged to outweigh the risks of serotonin syndrome in a particular patientREMERON should be stopped promptlyand linezolid or intravenous methylene blue can be administeredThe patient should be monitored for symptoms of serotonin syndrome for 2 weeks or until 24 hours after the last dose of linezolid or intravenous methylene bluewhichever comes firstTherapy with REMERON may be resumed 24 hours after the last dose of linezolid or intravenous methylene bluesee WARNINGS

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1 study on remeron causing stroke.

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