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Things that have helped me tremendously through this time have been l-theanine, ashwagandha, magnesium calm, cbd oil for anxiety the magnesium calm is like a natural benzo .

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It has alsbn shown tdcas maks inlammation, such as C-activ potin (CP). This mak is linkd tan incasd isk hat disas.

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As ths disass pogss, pats th bain and its connctiv paths bcom damagd, which lads tloss mmoy and unction. sach suggsts that ashwagandha, whn givn tmic and ats duing th aly disas stags, may b abl tpotction.

Summay Ashwagandha has bn shown tduc stss and anxity in both animal and human studis.

In on study, pilptic ats tatd with ashwagandha had naly a complt vsal spatial mmoy impaimnt. This was likly causd by a duction in oxidativ stss (32).

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in a study published in the august 2009 issue of the medical journal plos one, researchers found that ashwagandha was an effective and safe naturopathic option to help alleviate anxiety.

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