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Dowsinss/ducd altnss: Sinc clomipamin may caus dowsinss, spcially at th bginning tatmnt, b caul whn ngaging in activitis quiing mntal altnss, judgmnt, and physical coodination such as diving opating machiny.

Whn discontinuing th mdication, th dosag should b ducd gadually tpvnt withdawal cts.

I you hav nacolpsy and you hav toubl slping at night, tak th last dos bvning tavoid making you insomnia wos.

Anaanil is a ticyclic antidpssant. It acts chmicals in th bain that may b unbalancd.

Anaanil can caus conusion disointation, spcially in old popl thos with Pakinson’s disas. You amily ca should b awa this. Spcial ca may b ndd.

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