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Same as every other highly effective drugSildalis has the potential for misuseThis is mostly because of the fact that it can easily be bought over the counterTo avoid endangering your health and to allow you to enjoy all the anti-erectile dysfunction effects this drug hasit is best to take it upon the recommendations and under the supervision of your doctor.

Since the drug has a distinctive red color and rectangular shapeit is very unlikely that you can take it by accident instead of any other medicationHowevershould you take more than the recommended dosage of this drugyou have to take steps to see your doctor immediately so as to prevent prolonged or long term side effects that may come with the misuse of a powerful ED drug.

As mentioned beforethis is a very powerful drug and is recommended to be taken under the instructions of a qualified physician.

What are the indications for using SildalisWhile it is true that Sildalis may have a positive impact in the treatment of angina pectoris and pulmonary hypertensionits main approved use is counteracting erectile dysfunctionErectile dysfunctionshortened to EDis a condition affecting men characterized by an inability to achieve or maintain an erectioneven during sexual stimulationAlthough most people believe that erectile dysfunction is an issue only older men havethis is anything but trueIn factmany factors like anxietydepressionsurgerydrugsand illness can contribute to the occurrence of ED.

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