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Shatavari supports reproductive health by toning and nourishing the female reproductive organs shatavari maintains healthy hormonal balance shatavari treats pms symptoms by relieving pain and controlling blood loss during menstruation.

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If you wish to take a higher dose of shatavaritalk to your doctor before adding it to your routineThey can go over your individual risks and potential benefitsas well as answer any questions you may have.

More study is needed before topical shatavari products hit the marketBut some researchers believe they may be the future of safeanti-aging skin care.

More study is needed before topical shatavari products hit the marketBut some researchers believe they may be the future of safeanti-aging skin care.

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health benefits in ayurveda, shatavari is mainly considered a tonic for women because of its strong actions on the female reproductive system.

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