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Adult and adolescent treatment guidelines of the U.SDepartment of Health and Human Services designate regimens containing nevirapine asnot recommendedfor use in initial treatment of HIV infection.

The most frequently reported adverse reactions related to Viramune therapyacross all clinical studieswere rashallergic reactionshepatitisabnormal liver function testsnauseavomitingdiarrhoeaabdominal painfatiguefeverheadache and myalgia.

Clarithromycin exposure was significantly decreased14-OH metabolite exposure increasedBecause the clarithromycin active metabolite has reduced activity against Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare complex overall activity against the pathogen may be alteredAlternatives to clarithromycinsuch as azithromycin should be consideredClose monitoring for hepatic abnormalities is recommended.

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