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In september 2013, lithium announced a 50 million pre-ipo mezzanine funding round.

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Dehydration symptomsfeeling very thirsty or hotbeing unable to urinateheavy sweatingor hot and dry skinor.

Do not crushchewor break an extended-release tabletSwallow the pill wholeDrink extra fluids to keep from getting dehydrated while you are taking this medication.

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Lithium is used for the treatment of manic/depressivebipolarand depressive disordersLithium is a positively charged element or particle that is similar to sodium and potassiumIt interferes at several places inside cells and on the cell surface with other positively charged atoms such as sodiumpotassiumcalciumand magnesium which are important in many cellular functions.

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lithium levels should be monitored when co-administered with high-dose topiramate.

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