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7I took an expired dose of the medicineWhat should I doTaking an expired dose of Penegra Tablet might not be harmful but please discuss this with your physician about the same to be on a safe side.

14Can I take Penegra Tablet for pleasureNoPenegra is NOT an OTC medicine and it should not be consumed without a doctor’s prescriptionTaking it for pleasure is not suggested because it has several side effects.

1PriapismThis is a condition where your erection lasts for about four hours or longer and does not endPermanent damage to the penis is indicated if this condition is not treated.

The manufacturer of Penegra is Indian pharmaceutical company Zydus Cadila Healthcare Ltdwhich uses the molecular formula of sildenafil to create cheap but quality Generic Viagra.

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penegra is incorporated with sildenafil citrate which is also the chief constituent of penegra that performs the main functioning.

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