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The initial dose of levothyroxine varies with age and body weightsee DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATIONTable 3Dosing adjustments are based on an assessment of the individual patient’s clinical and laboratory parameterssee PRECAUTIONSLaboratory Tests

The therapeutic effects of digitalis glycosides may be reduced by levothyroxineSerum digitalis glycoside levels may be decreased when a hypothyroid patient becomes euthyroidnecessitating an increase in the dose of digitalis glycosidessee Table 2

The goal of replacement therapy is to achieve and maintain a clinical and biochemical euthyroid stateThe goal of suppressive therapy is to inhibit growth and/or function of abnormal thyroid tissueThe dose of SYNTHROID that is adequate to achieve these goals depends on a variety of factors including the patient’s agebody weightcardiovascular statusconcomitant medical conditionsincluding pregnancyconcomitant medicationsand the specific nature of the condition being treatedsee WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONSHencethe following recommendations serve only as dosing guidelinesDosing must be individualized and adjustments made based on periodic assessment of the patient’s clinical response and laboratory parameterssee PRECAUTIONSLaboratory Tests

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feeling bad with synthroid, you should not terminate the treatment.

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