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Viramune nevirapine is always used along with at least one other antiviral medication to reduce the amount of virus in the blood.

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Information about Viramune.

Viramune should not be used as the sole active antiretroviralas monotherapy with any antiretroviral has shown to result in viral resistance.

Coadministration with drugsegCYP inducerswhere significant decreases in nevirapine plasma concentrations may occurwhich may result in loss of virologic response and possible resistance and cross-resistance to other NNRTIs.

Howeverpatients should be advised that they may experience adverse reactions such as fatigue during treatment with ViramuneThereforecaution should be recommended when driving a car or operating machineryIf patients experience fatigue they should avoid potentially hazardous tasks such as driving or operating machinery.

No changes to lamivudine apparent clearance and volume of distributionsuggesting no induction effect of nevirapine on lamivudine clearance.

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if you or your child takes viramune suspension liquid , shake it gently before each use.

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