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Serious side effects may also include severechronic diarrhea with considerable weight losswhich may develop months to years after starting BENICARBENICAR HCTAZORor TRIBENZORTell your doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Medications containing olmesartan do not come without risksBenicar side effects such as sprue-like enteropathy can be severeSymptoms include severechronic diarrhea and substantial weight lossBenicar can also result in fetal toxicity and is not recommended for women who are pregnantespecially in the second and third trimesters.

Because of amlodipinean ingredient in AZORother serious side effects may include worsening chest pain or heart attackGet medical help right away if you have chest pain that gets worse or does not go away.

You may have very low blood pressure while taking this medicationCall your doctor if you are sick with vomiting or diarrheaor if you are sweating more than usual.

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