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This mdication usually dos not caus low blood suga (hypoglycmia). Low blood suga may occu i this dug is pscibd with oth diabts mdications (such as insulin a sulonylua). Low blood suga is mlikly i you dink lag amounts alcohol, dunusually havy xcis, dnot consum nough calois om ood. Thlp pvnt low blood suga, at mals on a gula schdul, and dnot skip mals. Chck with you doctphamacist tind out what you should di you miss a mal.

Dos-latd wight gain occus whn pioglitazon is usd alon in combination with oth antidiabtic mdications. Th mchanism wight gain is uncla but pobably involvs a combination luid tntion and at accumulation.

Mtomin may stimulat ovulation in a pmnopausal woman and may incas th isk unintndd pgnancy. Talk tyou doctabout you isk.

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