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Dosing of levothyroxine must be individualizedYour doctor will determine the best levothyroxine dose for youwhich will likely be carefully and slowly adjustedRegular blood tests will be required to monitor your progressFollow the directions on your prescription label carefullyDo not take more or less than prescribedIt may take several weeks before you begin to notice a change in your symptomsDo not stop taking levothyroxine without talking to your doctor.

Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take including prescription and non-prescription medicinesvitaminsand herbal supplements.

Circulating thyroid hormones are greater than 99bound to plasma proteinsincluding thyroxine-binding globulinTBGthyroxine-binding prealbuminTBPAand albuminTBAwhose capacities and affinities vary for each hormoneThe higher affinity of both TBG and TBPA for T 4 partially explains the higher serum levelsslower metabolic clearanceand longer half-life of T 4 compared to T 3Protein-bound thyroid hormones exist in reverse equilibrium with small amounts of free hormoneOnly unbound hormone is metabolically activeMany drugs and physiologic conditions affect the binding of thyroid hormones to serum proteinssee PRECAUTIONSDrug Interactions and Drug-Laboratory Test InteractionsThyroid hormones do not readily cross the placental barriersee PRECAUTIONSPregnancy

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