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In controlled clinical studies in adults with partial onset seizuresthe most common adverse reactions in patients receiving KEPPRA in combination with other AEDsfor events with rates greater than placebowere somnolenceastheniainfectionand dizzinessOf the most common adverse reactions in adults experiencing partial onset seizuresastheniasomnolenceand dizziness occurred predominantly during the first 4 weeks of treatment with KEPPRA.

KEPPRA can cause anaphylaxis or angioedema after the first dose or at any time during treatmentSigns and symptoms in cases reported in the postmarketing setting have included hypotensionhivesrashrespiratory distressand swelling of the facelipmoutheyetonguethroatand feetIn some reported casesreactions were lifethreatening and required emergency treatmentIf a patient develops signs or symptoms of anaphylaxis or angioedemaKEPPRA should be discontinued and the patient should seek immediate medical attentionKEPPRA should be discontinued permanently if a clear alternative etiology for the reaction cannot be establishedsee CONTRAINDICATIONS

Levetiracetam has minor or moderate influence on the ability to drive and use machinesDue to possible different individual sensitivitysome patients might experience somnolence or other central nervous system related symptomsespecially at the beginning of treatment or following a dose increaseThereforecaution is recommended in those patients when performing skilled taskse.gdriving vehicles or operating machineryPatients are advised not to drive or use machines until it is established that their ability to perform such activities is not affected.

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inform patients that keppra may cause dizziness and somnolence.

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