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Washing handsboth yours and your visitorsis the best way to prevent the spread of infectionAvoid large crowds and people who are sicki.ethose who have a coldfever or cough or live with someone with these symptomsWhen working in your yardwear protective clothing including long pants and glovesDo not handle pet wasteKeep all cuts or scratches cleanShower or bath daily and perform frequent mouth careDo not cut cuticles or ingrown nailsYou may wear nail polishbut not fake nailsAsk your oncology care team before scheduling dental appointments or proceduresAsk your oncology care team before youor someone you live withhas any vaccinations.

In people with cancerhydroxyurea acts as a substitute for some parts that the cancer cells need to growCancer cells take in hydroxyureawhich stops the cancer cell from growingCancer cells grow more rapidly than normal cellsso they are more affected by the drug.

What to do if you miss a doseTake your dose as soon as you rememberBut if you remember just a few hours before your next scheduled dosetake only one doseNever try to catch up by taking two doses at onceThis could result in dangerous side effects.

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do not take hydrea if you have marked depression of white blood cells bone marrow depression or red blood cells severe anaemia .

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