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Keppra 750 mg tablets are orange, oblong-shaped, scored, film-coated tablets debossed with ucb 750 on one side.

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Information about Keppra.

Potential drug interactions between KEPPRA and other AEDscarbamazepinegabapentinlamotriginephenobarbitalphenytoinprimidone and valproatewere also assessed by evaluating the serum concentrations of levetiracetam and these AEDs during placebo-controlled clinical studiesThese data indicate that levetiracetam does not influence the plasma concentration of other AEDs and that these AEDs do not influence the pharmacokinetics of levetiracetam.

For children with renal impairmentlevetiracetam dose needs to be adjusted based on the renal function as levetiracetam clearance is related to renal functionThis recommendation is based on a study in adult renally impaired patients.

Keppra can also be used as an add-on to other anti-epileptic medicines to treat:

In manan activity in both partial and generalised epilepsy conditionsepileptiform discharge/photoparoxysmal responsehas confirmed the broad spectrum pharmacological profile of levetiracetam.

Lower doses are used in patients who have problems with their kidneyssuch as older patients

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keppra may interact with any of these compounds and result in serious side effects.

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