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One of the effects of brahmi oil is boosting the blood supply to the brain.

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Slow heart ratebradycardiaBacopa might slow down the heart beatThis could be a problem in people who already have a slow heart rate.

Word of CautionLong-term use of any herbal supplement is usually discouraged and brahmi is no exceptionRegular use for more than 12 weeks is discouragedso it should only be used when you need it to alleviate a certain symptom or illnessAlsodue to its effects on the respiratory systemurinary tract systemcardiovascular systemand blood sugar levelsyou should consult a doctor if you suffer from asthmaurinary tract infectionsa reduced heart rate or hyperglycemiaOther than those concernsthis herb is not considered to be a naturally allergenic food.

Brahmi is a plant that has been used in traditional Indian medicineAyurvedaBe careful not to confuse brahmiBacopa monnieriwith gotu kola and other natural medicines that are also sometimes called brahmi.

Brahmi Educational and Cultural TrustBrahmiis a Registered Nonprofithumanitarian Charity dedicated to Education of disadvantaged children in rural India.

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