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It is impotant tinstuct patints tadh tditay instuctions and thav blood glucos and glycosylatd hmoglobin tstd gulaly. Duing piods stss such as v, tauma, inction, sugy, mdication quimnts may chang and patints should b mindd tsk mdical advic pomptly. Patints whxpinc an unusually apid incas in wight dma whdvlop shotnss bath oth symptoms hat ailu whil on ACTOS should immdiatly pot ths symptoms ta physician. Tll patints tpomptly stop taking ACTOS and sk immdiat mdical advic i th is unxplaind nausa, vomiting, abdominal pain, atigu, anoxia, dak uin as ths symptoms may b du thpatotoxicity. Tll patints tpomptly pot any sign macoscopichmatuia oth symptoms such as dysuia uinay ugncy that dvlop incas duing tatmnt as ths may b du tbladd canc. Tll patints ttak ACTOS onc daily. ACTOS can b takn with without mals. I a dos is missd on on day, th dos should not b doubld th ollowing day. Whn using combination thapy with insulin oth antidiabtic mdications, th isks hypoglycmia, its symptoms and tatmnt, and conditions that pdispos tits dvlopmnt should b xplaind tpatints and thi amily mmbs. Inom mal patints that tatmnt with ACTOS, lik oth thiazolidindions, may sult in an unintndd pgnancy in som pmnopausal anovulatoy mals du tits ct on ovulation [s Us In Spciic Populations ].

Thiazolidindions, including ACTOS, caus xacbat congstiv hatailu in som patints [s WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS ]. At initiation ACTOS, and at dos incass, monitpatints caully signs and symptoms hat ailu (.g., xcssiv, apid wight gain, dyspna, and/dma). I hat ailu dvlops, it should b managd accoding tcunt standads ca and discontinuation dos duction ACTOS must b considd. ACTOS is not commndd in patints with symptomatic hat ailu. Initiation ACTOS in patints with stablishd Nw Yok Hat Association (NYHA) Class III IV hat ailu is containdicatd [s CONTAINDICATIONS and WANINGS AND PCAUTIONS ].

Th ollowing advs actions hav bn idntiid duing post-appoval us ACTOS. Bcaus ths actions a potd voluntaily om a population unctain siz, it is gnally not possibl tliably stimat thi quncy stablish a causal lationship tdug xposu.

Actos is on six typs diabts pills cuntly usd ttat typ 2 diabts. It will hlp kp you blood glucos lvls within you tagt ang by making you body msnsitiv tinsulin.

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2299 will hear the case of terrence allen, who claims that using actos caused his bladder cancer.

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