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5 mg of protonix, and 23 higher in infants 1 through 11 months of age receiving a single dose of approximately 1.

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Tell your doctor right away if you have any serious side effectsincludingsymptoms of a low magnesium blood levelsuch as unusually fast/slow/irregular heartbeatpersistent muscle spasmsseizuressigns of lupussuch as rash on nose and cheeksnew or worsening joint pain

Serum gastrin concentrations were assessed in two placebo-controlled studies.

This medication may rarely cause a severe intestinal conditionClostridium difficile-associated diarrheadue to a type of bacteriaDo not use anti-diarrhea or opioid medications if you have any of the following symptoms because these products may make them worseTell your doctor right away if you developpersistent diarrheaabdominal or stomach pain/crampingfeverblood/mucus in your stool.

Confusiondepressionhallucinationsand disorientationespecially in predisposed patientshas occurred with useand was aggravated in patients with preexisting conditionsRef]

Protonix I.Vis indicated for the treatment of pathological hypersecretory conditions including Zollinger-EllisonZESyndrome in adults.

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are reviewing potential protonix lawsuits for individuals nationwide who have experienced any of the following problems, which were not adequately disclosed by the drug maker, including .

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