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Information about Trileptal.

What are the potential psychological side effects of taking TrileptalTaking anticonvulsant medications can sometimes result in increased suicidal thoughts and behaviors in a small percentage of peopleSeek medical help if you experience these thoughts or other changes in your behavior or mood.

These are not all the possible side effects of TRILEPTALTell your healthcare provider if you have any side effect that bothers you or that does not go away.

It is not known if TRILEPTAL is safe and effective for use alone to treat partial seizures in children less than 4 years of age or for use with other medicines to treat partial seizures in children less than 2 years of age.

Because clinical trials are conducted under widely varying conditionsadverse reaction rates observed in the clinical trials of a drug cannot be directly compared to rates in the clinical trials of another drug and may not reflect the rates observed in practice.

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