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Clinical experience with Rocaltrol in elderly patients indicates that the dosage recommended for use in younger adults may be given without apparent ill-consequence.

Calcitriol dosage must be determined with care in patients undergoing treatment with digitalisas hypercalcemia in such patients may precipitate cardiac arrhythmiassee PRECAUTIONSGeneral

Abdominal cramps agitation constipation difficulty sleeping extremity pain headache insomnia metallic taste nausea redirritated eyes vomiting.

Bile acid sequestrants including cholestyramine and sevelamer can reduce intestinal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and therefore may impair intestinal absorption of calcitriol.

An abrupt increase in calcium intake as a result of changes in diete.gincreased consumption of dairy productsor uncontrolled intake of calcium preparations may trigger hypercalcaemiaPatients and their families should be advised that strict adherence to the prescribed diet is mandatory and they should be instructed on how to recognise the symptoms of hypercalcaemia.

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