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Agents Affecting Sympathetic ActivityAgents affecting sympathetic activitye.gganglionic blocking agents or adrenergic neuron blocking agentsmay be used with cautionBeta-adrenergic blocking drugs add some further antihypertensive effect to lisinopril.

In patients with congestive heart failurehypotension occurred in 5.2and syncope occurred in 1.7of patientsHypotension and dizziness were causes for discontinuation of therapy in 1.7of these patients.

Should the patient receiving lisinopril experience any unexplained symptomssee Information for the Patientparticularly during the first weeks or months of treatmentit is recommended that a full set of liver function tests and any other necessary investigation be carried outDiscontinuation of lisinopril should be considered when appropriate.

When lisinopril is given together with thiazide-type diureticsits blood pressure lowering effect is approximately additive.

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individ- uals with brain damage are also more treatment and management of prone to seizures buy 10mg prinivil with amex.

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