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On tst-tub study ound that it incasd insulin sction and impovd insulin snsitivity in muscl clls (2).

In anoth study, mn whcivd ashwagandha stss xpincd high antioxidant lvls and btt spm quality. At th months tatmnt, 14% th mn’s patns had bcom pgnant (15).

Sugy : Ashwagandha may slow down th cntal nvous systm. Halthca povids woy that ansthsia and oth mdications duing and at sugy might incas this ct. Stop taking ashwagandha at last 2 wks ba schduld sugy.

Ashwagandha is on th most impotant hbs in Ayuvda, a om altnativ mdicin basd on Indian pincipls natual haling.

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all our body developments alongside the nerve motivations administered by vata and himalaya ashwagandha keep this procedure in charge.

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