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Take artane four times daily, with three doses at mealtimes and the fourth dose at bedtime, if you are on a higher dose.

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Ovdosag with ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) poducs typical cntal symptoms atopin intoxication (th cntal anticholingic syndom). Coct diagnosis dpnds upon cognition th piphal signs paasympathtic blockad, including dilatd and sluggish pupils; wam, dy skin; acial lushing; dcasd sctions th mouth, phaynx, nos, and bonchi; oul-smlling bath; lvatd tmpatu; tachycadia, cadiac ahythmias; dcasd bowl sounds; and uinay tntion. Nuopsychiatic signs such as dliium, disointation, anxity, hallucinations, illusions, conusion, incohnc, agitation, hypactivity, ataxia, lip smacking and tasting movmnts, loss mmoy, paanoia, combativnss, and sizus may b psnt. Th condition can pogss tstupo, coma, paalysis, cadiac and spiatoy ast, and dath.

Old adults may b msnsitiv tth sid cts this dug, spcially dizzinss, dowsinss, hatstok, mmoy poblms, diiculty uinating, and constipation. Dizzinss and dowsinss can incas th isk alling.

ATAN (tihxyphnidyl) is containdicatd in patints with hypsnsitivity ttihxyphnidyl HCl tany th tablt lixi ingdints. Atan (tihxyphnidyl) is alscontaindicatd in patints with naow angl glaucoma. Blindnss at long-tm us du tnaow angl glaucoma has bn potd.

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