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Although cefadroxil is not known to be harmful to babies, it is still important that you tell your doctor if you are expecting or breast-feeding a baby.

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Information about Cefadroxil.

DURICEFcefadroxilis indicated for the treatment of patients with infection caused by susceptible strains of the designated organisms in the following diseases:

Watery or bloody stoolsstomach crampsor fever during treatment or for up to two or more months after stopping treatment rash itching hives difficulty breathing or swallowing wheezing swelling of the facethroattonguelipsand eyes a return of sore throatchills or other signs of infection yellowing of your skin or eyes pain in the upper right part of your stomach dark urine clay colored or white stools.

Nervous system side effects associated with some cephalosporin-class antibiotics have included seizures in renally impaired patients when the dosage was not reducedRef]

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