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Information about Nootropil.

At higher dosagessome users have experienced headachesinsomniaanxietyand gastrointestinal issuesThe headaches can sometimes be remedied by taking this nootropic agent with a choline supplementsuch as Alpha GPC or CiticolineCDP Choline

Adjustment of the dose is recommended in elderly patients with compromised renal functionseeDosage adjustment in patients with renal impairmentbelowFor long term treatment in the elderlyregular evaluation of the creatinine clearance is required to allow dosage adaptation if needed.

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It is recommended to start out with a lower dose and gradually increase until the desired effects are achievedGiven the short half-life of this nootropic drugit is suggested to spread the administrations over several times in the day.

Some of the most commonly reported side effects associated with NootropilPiracetaminclude:

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