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The fact that you can buy neo medrol without prescription makes it important to spread the accurate information about this drug, particularly for prevention of improper self-medication.

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Information about Medrol.

You should seek medical advice in relation to medicines and use only as directed by a healthcare professional.

Supradozare Nu exista sindrom clinic de supradozare acuta cu Medrol tableteDoze frecvent repetatezilnic sau de cateva ori pe saptamanape o perioada prelungita pot determina stari cushingoide sau alte complicatii ale tratamentului cronic cu steroizi.

Sarcina si lactatie Anumite studii pe animale au aratat ca glucocorticoizii administrati la mama in doze mari pot determina malformatii fetaleStudii reproductive umane adecvate nu au fost efectuate cu corticoiziDe aceea folosirea corticosteroizilor in sarcinalactatie sau la femei cu potential fertil se recomanda in cazul in care beneficiile terapiei depasesc evident riscul potential pentru mamaembrion sau fatDeoarece evidenta sigurantei in sarcina este inconsistentamedicamentul va fi folosit in sarcina numai in cazuri de absoluta necesitateCorticosteroizii traverseaza placentaNou-nascutii mamelor care au primit doze substantiale de corticoizi in timpul sarcinii trebuie atent monitorizati si evaluati pentru o posibila insuficienta adrenalianaNu se cunosc efectele corticoizilor asupra travaliului si a expulsiei fetaleCorticoizii trec in laptele matern.

Since methylprednisolonelike prednisolonesuppresses endogenous adrenocortical activityit is highly important that the animal patient receiving MEDROL be under careful observationnot only during the course of treatment but for some time after treatment is terminatedAdequate adrenocortical supportive therapy with cortisone or hydrocortisoneand including ACTHmust be employed promptly if the animal is subjected to any unusual stress such as surgerytraumaor severe infection.

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