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Antihistamins act as comptitiv antagonists histamin at H 1 histamin cptos, thus inhibiting H 1 cpto-mdiatd actions, such as vasodilation, la and itch actions and snzing.

Dowsinss is usually tansitoy and may disappa in a w days continud thapy upon duction th dos. Involuntay motactivity including a instancs tmand convulsions hav bn potd, usually with doss considably high than thos commndd. Clinically signiicant spiatoy dpssion has not bn potd at commndd doss.

Consid activatd chacoal only i th patint psnts within 1 hou ingstion a potntially toxic amount. Gastic lavag is aly quid; substancs that cannot b movd ctivly by oth mans, it should b considd only i a li-thatning amount has bn ingstd within th pvious hou. It should b caid out only i th aiway can b potctd adquatly. Induction msis is not commndd.

Ataax contains lactos. I you hav bn told by you doctthat you hav an intolanc tsom sugas, contact you doctbtaking this mdicinal poduct. I you hav hditay galactos intolanc, Lapp lactas dicincy glucos-galactos malabsoption you should not tak this mdicin.

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