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Btaking Aicpt, tll you docti you hav a hat hythm disod such as “sick sinus syndom” (slow hatbats), an nlagd postat, uination poblms, asthma, obstuctiv pulmonay disas, a sizu disod such as pilpsy.

A hat hythm disod such as “sick sinus syndom” (slow hatbats); a histoy stomach ulcs; an nlagd postat uination poblms; pilpsy oth sizu disod; asthma chonic obstuctiv pulmonay disas (COPD).

Donpzil is usd ttat dmntia (a bain disod that acts th ability tmmb, think claly, communicat, and pom daily activitis and may caus changs in mood and psonality) in popl whhav Alzhim’s disas (AD; a bain disas that slowly dstoys th mmoy and th ability tthink, lan, communicat and handl daily activitis). Donpzil is in a class mdications calld cholinstas inhibitos. It impovs mntal unction (such as mmoy, attntion, th ability tintact with oths, spak, think claly, and pom gula daily activitis) by incasing th amount a ctain natually occuing substanc in th bain. Donpzil may impov th ability tthink and mmb slow th loss ths abilitis in popl whhav AD. Howv, donpzil will not cu AD pvnt th loss mntal abilitis at som tim in th utu.

Aicpt (donpzil) impovs th unction nv clls in th bain. It woks by pvnting th bakdown a chmical calld actylcholin (ah ST il KO ln). Popl with dmntia usually hav low lvls this chmical, which is impotant th pocsss mmoy, thinking, and asoning.

I you nd thav any typ sugy, tll th sugon ahad tim that you a taking donpzil.

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aricept, aricept odt generic name donepezil pronounced doe nep e zil – tablet, orally disintegrating tablet.

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