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In these 7 trials, apcalis-sx was taken as needed, at doses ranging from 2.

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INDICATIONS Apcalis SX is a jlly solution th tatmnt mal ctil dysunction. Apcalis SX incass blood low tth pnis allowing mblood low intth pnis lik happnd natually whn a man is sxually stimulatd. With mblood lowing in and lss lowing out, th atis in th pnis nlag sulting ction.

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MO INO: Dinking alcohol can tmpoaily impai th ability tgt an ction. Tgt th maximum bnit om you mdication, you a advisd not tdink lag amounts alcohol btaking Apcalis SX.

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apcalis is a generic produced using the same tadalafil formula found in the brand cialis.

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