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After multiple daily doses of 150 mg of anafranil sr hydrochloride, steady-state maximum plasma concentrations range from 94 ng ml to 339 ng ml mean, 218 ng ml for anafranil sr and from 134 ng ml to 532 ng ml mean, 274 ng ml for desmethylclomipramine.

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Dntal cts: Lngthy tatmnt with clomipamin may lad tmdntal cavitis as a sult dy mouth. You should hav gula dntal chckups and pactic good dntal hygin whil taking this mdication.

Tll you doctphamacist as soon as possibl i you dnot l wll whil you a taking Anaanil.

You doctmay want ttak som blood tsts and chck you hat and blood pssu om tim ttim. This hlps tpvnt unwantd sid cts.

Suicidal agitatd bhaviou: Popl taking antidpssants such as clomipamin may l agitatd (stlss, anxious, aggssiv, motional, toubl slping, and ling not lik thmslvs), thy may want thut thmslvs oths. I you notic any changs in mood, bhavious, thoughts, lings in yousl somon whis taking this mdication, contact a doctimmdiatly. You doctwill monityou closly bhaviou changs, spcially at stat tatmnt whn you dos is incasd dcasd.

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anafranil generic name is clomipramine.

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