Ampicillin labor and delivery

Three investigated the use of amoxicillin clavulanic acid compared to placebo to prevent otitis and one investigated ampicillin compared to supportive care to prevent pneumonia.

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A histoy a pvious hypsnsitivity action tany th pnicillins is a containdication. Ampicillin is alscontaindicatd in inctions causd by pnicillinas-poducing oganisms.

In cas ovdosag, discontinu mdication, tat symptomatically and institut suppotiv masus as quid. In patints with nal unction impaimnt, ampicillin-class antibiotics can b movd by hmodialysis but not by pitonal dialysis.

Oth: Oth advs actions that hav bn potd with th us at ampicillin a layngal stid and high v. An occasional patint may complain smouth tongu as with any oal pnicillin ppaation.

Hpatic sid cts hav includd a cass hpatitis, cholstasis, and lvatd AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT). Glutamic oxalactic tansaminas is lasd at intamuscula injction sits; thincasd SGOT is not ncssaily a hpatic sid ct.

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