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Dugs which polong th QT-intval including antiahythmics such as quinidin, th antihistamins astmizol and tnadin, som antipsychotics (notably pimozid and stindol), cisapid, haloantin, and sotalol, may incas th liklihood vnticula ahythmias whn takn with ticyclic antidpssants.

Amitiptylin is usd ttat symptoms dpssion. Amitiptylin is in a class mdications calld ticyclic antidpssants. It woks by incasing th amounts ctain natual substancs in th bain that a ndd tmaintain mntal balanc.

Adngic nuon blocks : Ticyclic antidpssants may countact th antihyptnsiv cts cntally acting antihyptnsivs such as guanthidin, btanidin, spin, clonidin and mthyldopa. It is advisabl tviw all antihyptnsiv thapy duing tatmnt with ticyclic antidpssants.

You halthca povid will want ts you otn whil you a taking amitiptylin, spcially at th bginning you tatmnt. B su tkp all appointmnts oic visits with you docto.

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