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Patients with a history of congestive heart failure or peripheral edema should be followed closely as there are patients who developed congestive heart failure while receiving amantadine hydrochloride tablets.

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Taking ctain malaia dugs with amantadin can incas th lvl amantadin in you body. This can incas you isk sid cts such as nausa, dizzinss, insomnia. This can alsincas you isk dath oth sious sid cts om ovdos amantadin. xampls ths malaia dugs includ:

Btaking amantadin, tll you doctphamacist i you a allgic tit; timantadin; i you hav any oth allgis. This poduct may contain inactiv ingdints, which can caus allgic actions oth poblms. Talk tyou phamacist mdtails.

In addition, this dug is usd tpvnt and tat inlunza A vius inction. Amantadin is not a substitut annual lu shots.

Blud vision, nausa, loss apptit, dowsinss, dizzinss, lighthaddnss, hadach, dy mouth, constipation, toubl slping may occu. I any ths cts last gt wos, tll you doctphamacist pomptly.

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table 2015 global amantadine hydrochloride revenue share by manufacturers.

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